Römermauer Wiesbaden

Wiesbaden, Hessen, Germany


With consistent pavement, Coulinstreet will be thoroughly reorganized and redesigned in front of the Roman Gate as a cultural property. The traffic calming supports the resulting square-like character and contributes to improving walkability and safe street crossings for pedestrians.

The sightline between the Kunsthaus and the pedestrian area will be enhanced and developed. 

For the street space up to the Kunsthaus the same floor covering is used as the Langgasse in order to create a visual connection.

The existing narrow staircase is replaced by a spacious element. Barrier-free access to Schützenhofstrasse is made possible by the new building on the south-eastern side of Coulinstrasse. The historical trace of the former pond-like water surface along the Coulinstraße is made visible as a waterway. The playful movement of water and outdoor terrace of restaurants in the new building enliven the street space.

Wiesbaden, Hessen, Germany

Landeshauptstadt Wiesbaden

Busch & Takasaki Architekten PartGmbB


780 m²

1. prize
Open realization competition, 2020