Wohnviertel Ludwig-Quidde-Straße

Pankow, Berlin, Germany


The open spaces of the new residential quarter are defined by two types of meshes: “garden meshes” and “plaza meshes”. These meshes interweave buildings and open spaces as well as the entire residential quarter with the surrounding landscape.

Within the residential quarter, the garden meshes and the plaza meshes alternate between the buildings. The garden meshes run westwards as communal courtyards between the garden sides of the residential buildings to the open meadow. In the middle of the residential quarter, they condense to form a green seam running from south to north, in which there are areas for rainwater retention as well as collectively usable gardens and natural play areas. 

The square meshes run between Ludwig-Quidde-Straße and forest fringe as neighbourhood squares along the entrance sides of the buildings. They connect to the north-south footpaths and cycle paths running along the edge of the residential quarter, and each ends to the east with a small square in the forest fringe, which frames the residential quarter to the east and serves as a public recreation space with intergenerational and nature-oriented play facilities.

Pankow, Berlin, Germany

Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin In Zusammenarbeit mit der Gewobag/Interhomes Projektgesellschaft

Busch & Takasaki Architekten PartGmbB

completed, 2021

4,6 ha

2. prize
Urban planning competition